Dead Heats in BNPL Provider Ranking

It’s a massive month for the mono-line alt-credit crowd. You’re going to love this.

So many apps scored high enough to chart that we didn’t even reach 10. How do you do a top 10 without 10 apps? You don’t. It’s all tied up, see? That’s how you do a top 10 that packs in 13 apps. Next time, show a little faith.

Yes, PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps is something to behold this time around, as positions have changed, new names have dropped in and scores are being settled.

Let’s get to the new ranking. You’ll see what we’re on about.

The Top Five

Tangled up in a tie last month, Klarna returns to solo at No. 1 this cycle.

Our first tie occurs at No. 2, where the Affirm app already was, joined now by Afterpay dropping one chart position.

All by its lonesome at No. 3 is the Quadpay app, giving respite from interminable ties.

Speaking of which, we’ve got another top five dead heat. This one finds the Laybuy app not moving from last cycle, but now keeping company with the Sezzle at No. 4. Sezzle reenters the top five after an absence, gaining two spots in so doing, and that’s no easy feat.

And with all these neck-and-neck situations in the top five alone, why stop now?

Tied at No. 5 this month, we have the FuturePay app holding its ground, with PayPal-owned Paidy tumbling one spot, but sticking to the top five. As we say around here, that’s a win.

The Top 10

First among the top five hopefuls this month, at No. 6, it’s Zip Pay, climbing a spot.

Nothing lethargic about the LazyPay app, scampering up two chart positions to take No. 7.

At No. 8, the Humm app keeps it buzzing — by not budging either way. No change here.

Here’s where numerical oddities enter the frame. We’ve got two apps tied at No. 9, and no pure-play BNPL app with the installments muscle to give us a No. 10.

Tied at No. 9 this cycle, we find the Brighte app (it’s up a spot from last cycle), for the moment roommates with a total newcomer, that being the LaterPay app.

Make of it what you will. We just do the  Provider Ranking of Buy Now, Pay Later Apps. It’s up to you all to go use them. An overdeveloped editorial detachment always gets in our way.



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