Horizen Partners with HackerOne To Offer Up To $10,000 For Reporting Vulnerabilities on Its Blockchain Deployment System Zendoo

The program is aimed at strengthening the security of the Horizen ecosystem, specifically the blockchain deployment system, Zendoo, by rewarding developers with up to $10,000 in bounties for reporting vulnerabilities. The security of the Horizen protocol will ensure the security of their sidechain and scalability protocol by opening it to the broader hackers community who serve the industry by identifying vulnerabilities and preventing potential exploits on blockchain networks.

We are pleased to partner with HackerOne and their team of highly experienced cybersecurity researchers and technicians. As a developer-first community, Horizen is deeply supportive of ethical hackers who are driven by the desire to stress test systems and discover vulnerabilities that lead to more secure and better performing technology solutions,” stated Horizen’s co-founder, Rob Viglione. “We’re excited for the chance to put Zendoo up to the test and to discover areas where we can improve.”

About Zendoo

Zendoo is a powerful blockchain deployment platform that enables developers to custom-build private or public blockchains that solve today’s real-world challenges with the flexibility to capture tomorrow’s opportunities. Zendoo will be released on mainnet with Blaze, an SDK that deploys high-speed blockchains with commercial level throughput. 

About Horizen

Horizen is the zero-knowledge-enabled network of blockchains powered by the largest node system. Horizen offers best-in-class tools for developers to custom-build private or public blockchains with the level of flexibility unmatched by others. Developers have the freedom to fully customize their blockchains including consensus type, speed, privacy, and crypto-economies. Blockchains built on Horizen produce massive throughput without compromising decentralization. For more information, visit horizen.io.

SOURCE Horizen

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