The CORE multichain is overclocking blockchain consensus

Core multichain is a hybrid proof-of-stake blockchain solution that will solve the current blockchain technology trilemma of scalability, interoperability and throughput. Through the combination of proof of history, zk-SNARKs, and an AI consensus central to its blockchain, the Core multichain is leading the way for blockchain technology.

Conceptualized and developed by a team of intellectuals from an array of academic disciplines, the Core multichain transcends the current limitations of blockchain technology by implementing proof-of-history and zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive arguments of knowledge (zk-snarks).

Previous generations of blockchains are limited by their complex consensus mechanisms used to maintain the security of these distributed systems—the Core multichain addresses this limitation by implementing proof of history, a high-frequency Verifiable Delay Function. For it to work, the Verifiable Delay Function requires a certain number of sequential steps to evaluate but produces a unique output that can be efficiently and publicly verified. This enables a significant increase in Core’s throughput by drastically slicing the transaction validation time in the network.

The CORE ecosystem also combats restricted blockchain throughput and scalability by implementing zk-SNARKs, which is a blockchain information validation practice wherein the information being validated is not leaked. The processing difficulty is minimal even for complex tasks; constant back and forth communication between nodes is not required. Proof of knowledge is required for a prover node.


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