What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Stocks

Way back in 2013, Bitcoin was worth only about $100. Since then, it has enjoyed an all-time high price of almost $65,000 per Bitcoin. Even today, Bitcoin is worth almost $50,000 per Bitcoin!

A lot of people became very rich by investing in Bitcoin. Other people who doubted the viability of cryptocurrency quickly changed their minds in response to the huge success of Bitcoin. Now that more people are getting into the cryptocurrency game, they are creating many other coins to compete with Bitcoin.

So which of the less famous cryptocurrency stocks is the best one to invest in? Read on to learn all about how you can find the best investment opportunities in cryptocurrency!


Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, and it is still the largest. It has made more millionaires and billionaires than any other cryptocurrency. Many people turn to bitcoin for what they feel is a safe investment.

On the other hand, since Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, it is also not very high tech. Other currencies provide many inancial tools, like smart contracts. In contrast, Bitcoin doesn’t really do anything except act as a medium of exchange.


Ethereum is the second-largest of all cryptocurrencies. It got that way by providing financial tools that Bitcoin didn’t. Ethereum allows for smart contracts.

Smart contracts are contracts that execute themselves without requiring a person to manage the execution. This is much safer than relying on a person to execute a contract since not everybody is trustworthy.

This is especially relevant in some countries where there are not trustworthy insurance companies. Some farmers live without crop insurance because they do not have a local insurance provider that they can trust.

But with the power of smart contracts, farmers can buy contracts and know that they will be honored. Insurance is only one financial tool like this. Ethereum smart contracts are the foundation of dozens of apps and financial tools.


Cardano is the third biggest cryptocurrency. It is attempting to replace Ethereum, and maybe even Bitcoin. Ethereum is expensive, while Cardano is cheap. Cardano does not yet offer smart contracts, but it is about to start.

That may allow it to suddenly increase in value, making it a potential investment opportunity.

Of course, the best cryptocurrency stock 2021 has available is not going to always be the best cryptocurrency stock. If you have ever asked, “What is cryptocurrency?”, then one of the first things you should know about cryptocurrency stock prices is that they can change very quickly.

It is important to have tools that allow you to move significant amounts of money in and out of crypto quickly. To learn more about what is cryptocurrency and how you can buy and sell it, check out Byte Federal.

Invest in the Best Cryptocurrency Stocks

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful about a few of the biggest cryptocurrency stocks on the market. The world of cryptocurrency has exploded in just the past few years. By all appearances, it is not just an up-and-comer in the present, but it may well be the future of finance.

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