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Looking at the chart for the last day, we can see how Litecoin (LTC) token was trading with very high volatility. The highest price of Litecoin was $185.33 at 8:30 pm while the lowest one was $177.01 at 11:05 am. The market capitalization of the LTC is $11,938,337,314 and the trading volume is more than $5,588,953,288. Litecoin is the cryptocurrency which is corresponding to Bitcoin. Actually, it is decentralized crypto which is using the same protocols which Bitcoin uses. Now there are more than 67 million coins with a total supply of 84 million.
It was created by Charlie Lee in October 2011 and it is considered as one of the earliest cryptos. If you would like to acquire or sell the token, you should better consider Bitfinex exchange. Despite the big number of similarities with Bitcoin, there are still some differences between them. For example, in block time where it is 2.5 minutes in Litcoin and in Bitcoin, it is 10 minutes, also it is different in the number of supplies and address. 

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