September 22, 2021

New acupuncture, wellness clinic comes to Mankato

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) -: Ripple Acupuncture and Wellness offers a variety of oriental medicine including acupuncture that uses small needles to treat pain, an herbal pharmacy, cupping and more.

“The benefits of acupuncture and oriental medicine are that it is really helping the whole body, often different aches and pains are related so it’s a way of not just focusing on your knee that keeps getting weak and your lower back pain but rather it treats a person as a whole,” said Ripple Acupuncture Owner, Licensed Acupuncturist, Oriental Diplomat Jolene McLaughlin.

Commonly treated with acupuncture include sleep, digestion and pain.

To learn about services Mclaughlin offers a free 30-minute discussion as time allows.

More information is available at Home | Ripple Acupuncture.

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