Google Partners With Dapper Labs

Google has partnered with Dapper Labs, the creator of the Flow blockchain and NFT marketplaces like NBA Top Shot. Google will help to scale the Flow blockchain by letting Flow nodes operate on its low latency cloud service. The partnership was announced via a press release with Forbes. 

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The Flow blockchain currently supports applications like NBA Top Shot, CryptoKitties, UFC collectibles and more, which have seen immense growth and use over the last year. The partnership with Google will let Flow developers connect to lower latency nodes running on Google’s cloud services. 

Google’s vice president of Google Cloud North America, Janet Kennedy, said that, with blockchain becoming more mainstream, this partnership is about helping the Flow blockchain and dapper labs achieve sustainable growth.

“It’s really about helping them with rapid and sustainable growth,” says Kennedy. “Blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream. So companies like Dapper need scalable, secure infrastructure to grow their business, and even more importantly, support their networks.”

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