Coin Surges After Coinbase Listing

XYO coin has surged lately due to its listing on Coinbase Pro. Popularly known as the “Coinbase effect,” many cryptos have gained substantially when they got added to the platform, which opened them to a wider network of investors. It should increase XYO’s visibility as well.

The XYO network has a lot of real-world uses within the e-commerce industry. For example, it can be used to track the order through each step and all of the steps can be automated using smart contracts. XYO aims to replace GPS with a decentralized blockchain-based system. With autonomous technology taking over many industries, XYO’s network usage will come in handy.

XYO can provide independently verified location data. Some of the case studies listed on the network’s website list airports, hospitals, e-commerce, insurance, national security, rental cars, and drones as some of the areas where its technology could be useful. Its use cases span across industries and as its adoption rises, so will XYO coin’s value.

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